grow … make contact

​A new zeitgeist is emerging in the workplace. People want more freedom and more connection, more autonomy and more relatedness, more responsibility and more collaboration. We want to exercise our own unique gifts in participation with others. This brings out a new kind of excellence in the human spirit. We see that work can be  life-affirming, helping people to flourish while also enabling the planet to thrive. Authentic participation perfects work, by integrating personhood with professionalism, aligning personal values with collective aspirations. The participatory attitude is reflected in the ways that our collaborative culture is changing. We are turning away from authority, and towards legitimacy; less concerned with social obligation and reciprocity and instead emphasizing universal access to the common wealth. We are more interested in open, opt-in/out ways of getting together, rather than committed, consistent ones. We value social reputation over statutory proof, and open networks of connectivity over private clubs and social “liking.” Mostly, this is an attitude of abundance, that recognizes the tremendous wealth in nature and in human ingenuity. We have come to realize that scarcity is a false construct maintained by societies that have organized themselves to benefit the few at the expense of the many. This shift in attitude represents a reckoning with old power and its established ways of institutionalizing and bureaucratizing human activity. We are committed to this new attitude by cultivating authentic participation in our organizations.