play & other virtues


Every vision and mission imply a unique value-set in an organization. The fundamental ones are the organization’s virtues.  At triaxiom9 our value-set is


  • Play. Our natural enthusiasm for participation, the energy that frees us to do this work.
  • Bold curiosity. More than just curious. We are probing the unknown and going there. Like fools going after love, we just can’t help ourselves.
  • Possibilitarity. A word we coined that captures our gut feelings that there are possibilities waiting to be imagined into existence. It means we probe the darkest regions of the sky looking for the stars nobody expects.
  • Unconditional regard. Because we trust in human nature, and delight in all these unique gifts people bring with them on an adventure.
  • Theory of practice awareness. A big phrase which points to the special relationship between the aircraft inventor and the test pilot. It means we fly our own airplanes first, under extreme conditions. It means we make sure that we don’t preach anything that we don’t practice ourselves;  and we continually align what we have to say with   what is real in our own  lived experience.